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The Imperial Expanse of Kisia – 1360


TRACY MAPsmallKisia is an exceptionally self-centred empire. Most maps of their lands show no borders, or depict the empire as being the centre of the world. This is, of course, not true. The Kisian Empire is bordered by ocean to the east and mountains to the west. The northern border they share with The Republic of Chiltae, with whom they are currently at peace.

The empire is considered to consist of two halves, north and south. The northern half of Kisia (everything north of the Tzitzi River) is called high country. The air is drier and the climate cooler. The only exception is the swampland around Nivi Fen, which is the lowest and dampest area in Kisia. The south consists mostly of plains, and is where the majority of Kisia’s horses are bred. The Valley to the west is also called ‘Kisia’s Rice Bowl’ and is farmed by some one hundred and fifty villages, the side of every hill terraced to accomodate more fields.


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May 28, 2017

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