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Which book do I buy?

You may have noticed that on some of my books there are two different paperback options for purchase. This is because there are two different editions of these books with two different ISBN numbers. The content is exactly the same, but the printing and size are different. So here is an explanation of the two:


Original Paperback

The original paperback is a book from my official print run. These are printed in bulk by an industry standard printer in Victoria, Australia. They are very beautiful and of amazing quality.

Size: 198mm x 129mm (5.12 in × 7.8 in)

Cover: Matte with spot gloss titles.

Posted from: Only from Australia at present.

Pros: Nicest quality. Comes from me so can be signed.

Cons: More expensive.


Standard Paperback

The standard paperback is a book printed by Lightning Source (Ingram) through their Print on Demand service. These are printed when you order them in locations all around the world and sent out to you without going through my hands at all. The quality is still good, but just not quite as wonderful as the original print run books.

Size: 229mm x 152mm (9 in × 6 in).

Cover: Matte WITHOUT spot gloss.

Posted from: All around the world (wherever it is printed).

Pros: Cheaper to buy if you’re not in Australia. Faster to reach you if you’re not in Australia.

Cons: Not as high quality. I can’t sign it.