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Yes, a four month absence is a long time, but I assure you I have four months worth of crazy to account for it, but most importantly….


We are moving to Canada!


This isn’t as bizarre as it sounds, since my husband is Canadian, but having lived in Australia for ten years he is almost more Australian than me now. (He even says g’day, which I would never dare do…) But after ten years here, ten years in which we got married, had two children and I spent an AWFUL lot of time writing… it is time to move on. So we are in the process of moving. That means packing the one cubic metre of stuff we are sending on a boat, and three suitcases, and selling EVERYTHING else. It is very cleansing, as well as more than a little stressful.

I see it as a new adventure and a time of change. Some of our changes include:

– Not owning a car anymore (Bikes for the win!)

– Implementing Selfish Sunday, a day in which you do whatever you want, YOU time.

– No more microwave, glad wrap or chemical cleaners (did I say I was a health nut?)


As for the writing side of things, I will have even more time to work because we will have the designated babysitter known as Grandma, and what else are you supposed to know when it’s damn cold and snowing outside? I’ve never even seen snow before, so I plan to hibernate through the winter like a bear.

Stay tuned for updates! It’s going to be a crazy journey!