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I was very excited to be featured in an interview over at the Aurealis Blog! It was an interesting experience, my first interview, and is definitely worth a read for all the information about what I have been up to!

Putting myself out in the public space for the first time has been quite a nerve racking experience, knowing that, as an author, I am likely to receive all the usual shit-storm of people being dicks to other people on the internet. And as a self-published author, no matter how professionally the book is produced, that shit-storm is likely to be ten times worse. Fortunately I haven’t had too much of that yet, just lots of people ignoring me, which is helping to thicken my skin against what is coming.

Along with the interview with Aurealis, it was very cool to be in the local paper for the very first time. I had never done anything even vaguely worthy of this honour, even as a kid (it seems like everyone’s kids end up in the paper at some stage, but I must have been a very boring child).