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Why hello there new year, where did you come from? I only just got used to ending the date with /14 and now I have to change my ways? I call that inconsiderate!

2014 was a crazy year. I moved to a country on the opposite side of the world, got divorced and moved home, all the while trying to finish work on the third and final book in The Vengeance Trilogy. Safe to say the year turned my life on its head – in a good way. Life could not be better, and I’m walking into 2015 with new partner, new enthusiasm for my work and enormous plans.

Life update out of the way… lots of people have been asking what is going on with the third book. So here’s the answer. The Grave at Storm’s End is scheduled for a second half of 2015 release date. We are still waiting on cover art which has made things a bit difficult, but we are pressing onward and crossing our fingers.


As to the rest of the year? There are lots of exciting things coming up that I can’t wait to share with you. For now I’m just really happy to be back in the game.

Nine days have already ticked by… Time to get to work!