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Today is the day that The Gods of Vice takes its walk out into the great wide world.

It’s usually a stressful time for authors, but I find myself feeling calm today. Or, now I come to think of it, perhaps my background levels of stress are so much higher that this barely registers. I have one month to organise everything for the big move to Toronto, and what with visa applications, dogs to be transported, our house and all its furniture to be sold … Can you hear me screaming yet?

And into the midst of this comes The Gods of Vice. It has been a huge effort to get this book out on time, so it is somewhat of a relief to see it go out at all! This book took so many late nights that I began to wonder what a good nights sleep felt like. It went back for rounds of typesetting revisions. And the cover almost didn’t come. I think it is safe to say that this book didn’t want to come out at all. I put it down to the influence of Malice on the cover, and I think anyone who has read The Blood of Whisperers will agree with me. He doesn’t want his story told.

Both Books

I think perhaps they don’t like each other very much. Does anyone else get that feeling?

But for all those who want to find out why, you can now purchase the ebook from Amazon and the paperback copy from here. It should be available from all the usual places and some awesome ‘bricks and mortar’ stores soon, too. Keep an eye on the stockists page for changes on that!

If you’re read it or are planning to, please consider leaving an honest review on goodreads and amazon, too, as that would be supremely awesome.


Devin – going to go gibber in a corner