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Dystopian YA

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Vengeance has come.

Katashi Otako walks with the Vices, burning everything in his path. Now the spirit of Vengeance, he will stop at nothing to destroy Emperor Kin and take the Crimson Throne.

The empire is facing its greatest threat, and with Darius controlling Katashi from the shadows, Emperor Kin finds his every move pre-empted. Out of options, Kin and Hana must marry in secret to secure the support they need, but the ceremony takes seven days and seven days can change the world.

As the flames of vengeance engulf Kisia, Hana will have to fight for the right to defend her empire. A ruler must do what is necessary, but no choice is easy when the enemy is the man she once loved and the guardian she once trusted.

When gods fight, empires fall.

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And done. Finally.

On Saturday night I finally hit send and The Grave at Storm’s End went flying through the internet-ether-satellite-space-dohicky system thing and magically landed in my editor’s inbox (or inbos as we like to call it). FINALLY. It has been two years....
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To Read List #1

I'm one of those people who always has a pile of books to read. It used to sit on my bedside table, but it was hard to sleep with them all there glaring at me for not reading all night. So I've moved it to a shelf in the sunroom. But it's still there... glaring at me...
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Yes, you read that right – audiobooks! This year The Vengeance Trilogy will be brought to life by the magic of the spoken word. I have listened to audiobooks for as long as I can remember, beginning with Wind in the Willows and Lego Fabuland before...
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Of Babies and Moving Vans

Life has finally settled down again. It has been a very strange two years – ok, two and a half. It has been two and a half years since The Blood of Whisperers was released, and in that time I have moved country twice, moved house an additional three times, got...
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Happy Birthday to me!

So today is my birthday. Normally I’m not one to even bother acknowledging this, but for some reason this year feels a little more special. I’m 29. Not quite the big 30, but certainly the last year I can claim to be in my twenties. The last year to...
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Ink Me!

I went to visit my lovely editor in Sydney recently, a once a year mini vacation because it turns out that she lives in the wrong city (ie not Melbourne). I get a few days away from my kids and the chance to talk shop without having to type in a little window and...
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Stardust by Neil Gaiman

This is one of those short beautiful books that, while it didn’t make itself impossible to put down, has certainly left its mark upon me. Simple and well-written, Stardust is a reminder of everything a story is and all a story needs to be. I find myself with...
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So I’m a gamer…

I must admit that for the last two days I haven’t booted up my computer to write. Sorry! I’ve been gaming. Tabletop gaming. I think it’s safe to say that I’m a geek in every way… We had a guest come to stay for a few days and as a…...
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Hello 2015!

Why hello there new year, where did you come from? I only just got used to ending the date with /14 and now I have to change my ways? I call that inconsiderate! 2014 was a crazy year. I moved to a country on the opposite side of the world, got divorced and moved...
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#GamerGate, John Grisham and WTF?!

I’m a fantasy author, so I spend my fair share of time hooked onto the internet – both for work and as the source of the majority of my writerly and fangirly socialising time. It’s a truly amazing and inspiring place, encouraging, amusing and fun,...
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In short I’m a fantasy and dystopian YA author, vlogger and writing teacher. I live in the Middle of Nowhere, Australia, with my partner, my three kids, a dog called Calli (short for Calliope, you know, the greek muse…), an army of kangaroos, flocks of birds and Lily the blue tongue lizard.

I write novels, serials and short stories, as well as vlogging about the craft of writing in my Storywork series. You can connect with me through Facebook or on my You Tube channel.

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